Dji Phantom 4 Professional vs. Dji Inspire 2 with X5S Camera

I am currently weighing pros and cons of the Dji Inspire 2 drone with the new X5S camera shooting 4K60 in a variety of common post codecs and the Dji Phantom 4 Pro drone with five direction collision avoidance and a 1” sensor shooting 20MP stills.

One the one hand the Inspire 2 would be great for big, high budget productions with dual operators. On the other hand, the P4 Pro had a pretty big sensor with prime glass and so many autonomous functions, including five direction collision avoidance (front, back, left, right and down), that you practically do not need a second operator since the craft is essentially flying itself and tracking moving subjects.

I already have lenses and an Osmo stabilizer for the X5S, which would put my investment for the Inspire 2 route at around $4900 vs. $1700 for the P4 Pro.

Another factor is the small form and fantastic flight characteristics of the Phantom. I have flown P2’s and P3’s and love them. I flew an S900 and hated the clunky, wobbly flight characteristics. The Phantoms are definitely safer around people and easier to transport as a carry-on on a plane or in a backpack.

….Decisions, Decisions…

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